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If you're a venue or event organiser, all you have to do in order to start improving your customers' experience is complete the sign-up form below and let us to get in touch. Here's how it works:

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On receipt of interest, we'll get in touch to introduce ourselves and ask you about your organisation and your requirements. We can then give you a service overview and show you what options are available and how much they cost. We could meet you face-to-face (we're located in Cardiff, South Wales)

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We'll create an account for you and provide you with login details so you can fill in the rest of your profile. Once you've done that, you're ready to go.

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Now for the exciting part - setting up your first event! You can create your first event profile and set the rating criteria. You can consult with us on how best to market Event Rater to your customers and get the best out of the service.

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