General FAQ

Q. What is Event Rater? 

A. Event Rater is the website that enables people who attend events to provide feedback to the venues and events. We produce reports based on collated feedback to venues and events along with any further recommendations. 

Q. Why is _________ (Venue/Event) not included on your website?

A. The website currently includes selected venues and events only. Sign Up Here and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know of any venue / event updates.

Q. How can I suggest a Venue / Event?

A. Please email us on info@event-rater.com, stating ‘Suggestions’ in the subject box. We’ll investigate whether there is sufficient demand and then contact the venue/event .

Q. What is the ‘Rater of the Month’ competition?

A. The review that is judged to be the best written and most insightful will receive Live Entertainment Vouchers. The winner will be contacted on the 1st of each month. T+C’s

Q. Does it cost anything to register on Event Rater?

A. No! The website is completely free for event goers to rate and review the venues and events they have attended.

Q. I am unable to provide feedback on __________ area of the Venue/Event. What do I do?

 A. Don’t worry just select ‘n/a’.

Q. Why isn’t my review posted on the website?

A. Your review is only shared between Event Rater, the venue/event organisers and is not posted for the general public to view.

Q. What happens to my personal information?

A. Please read our Privacy Policy. 

Q. Why do you need to know _______ when I register?

A. We use some details to help us with the research and to tailor the service to your interests! 

Q. Is the service available in any other languages?

A.The website is currently bilingual in English and Welsh languages.

Q. I have problems logging in / forgot my password/email?

A. Please email us on technical@event-rater.com and we’ll get in touch.

Q. How do I find out about job opportunities at Event Rater?

A. We are not currently recruiting. However, we welcome speculative applications and will keep your details on file. In future we hope to develop work experience placements and graduate internships. Please email jobs@event-rater.com and include job type e.g. Sales and Marketing, Researcher, Event Consultant, Promotions Team etc in the subject box and we’ll get in touch if we have any relevant job opportunities.


Venue Management and Event Organiser FAQ 

Q. We would like to list our venue/event on Event Rater, how do we organise this?

A. Please email us on venues@event-rater.com / events@event-rater.com or Register your interest here and we’ll get in touch.


Advertising FAQ

Q. We would like to advertise on Event Rater, how do we organise this?

A. Please email us on advertising@event-rater.com and we’ll get in touch.