Event Rater Q&A with Dillon Lewis and Brad Thyer

Dillon Lewis (Twitter: @dillon3_ / Instagram: @dillonlewis3) and Brad Thyer (Twitter: @BradThyer / Instagram: @bradleythyer) play rugby for the Cardiff Blues. The props have made 50 and 65 appearances respectively. To date, Dillon has won 20 international caps for Wales and is currently in Japan as part of the Wales Rugby World Cup 2019 squad.


Dillon and Brad founded their own business, Fat Dragon Coffee in Autumn 2017. Further details can be found here: https://fatdragoncoffee.com/ / (Twitter: @FatDragonCoffee / Instagram: @FatDragonCoffee)


Dillon and Brad tell us about their event interests:


Q: What types of events do you usually attend?

Brad: Mainly music concerts and sports events for me personally, although I do enjoy a musical when I get the chance to travel up to London.

Dillon: Mainly I attend music and comedy events. Unlike Brad I haven’t got a girlfriend to force me to go and watch musical theatre.


Q: What is the best artist/group you have ever seen live?

Brad: For me it was Mumford and Sons, the atmosphere in the concert was brilliant.

Dillon: Steve Aoki was pretty cool throwing cakes off a DJ booth and Avicii in Ushuaia was unbelievable. 


Q: Who are your favourite stand-up comedians?

Brad: I love watching Jimmy Carr but haven’t had the chance to see him Live yet, maybe one for the future.

Dillon: Ricky Gervais live was fantastic and Jimmy Carr would be a good one. 


Q: Which sports do you enjoy seeing live? (apart from rugby!)

Brad: I enjoy the NFL London games, I haven’t had the chance to see many of them but I’d love to see a few more in the future.

Dillon: I haven’t had the chance but I’d like to go watch the Ryder Cup. 


Q: What is your favourite venue?

Brad: Watching the Stereophonics in Cardiff Castle a few years ago was one I’ll never forget.

Dillon: Drake in the O2 was a quality event.


Q: What type of theatre events do you usually attend? (e.g. drama, musicals, opera) / Which show is your all-time favourite production? 

Brad: Musicals are my favourite, I got to watch the Lion King but one for the bucket list is definitely Hamilton.

Dillon: Brads girlfriend made him write that... 


Q: Who would be your three dream headline acts to perform at a festival?

Brad: I think it would be Mumford and Sons, Jay-Z and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Dillon: Eminem, Gerry Cinnamon, Post Malone


Q: Are there any events/artists that you would like to see that you haven't yet seen?

Brad: The big two for me are watching Hamilton and seeing the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Live would be pretty special.

Dillon: Gerry Cinnamon would be up there with one to see for me.