Event Rater Q&A with Carys Eleri

Carys Eleri (Twitter: @caryseleri / Instagram: @caryselerilovecraft), originally from Carmarthenshie is a larger than life Welsh performer, composer, and writer. She is a BAFTA Cymru nominee for her portrayal of lead character 'Myfanwy' in S4C's 'Parch' by Fflur Dafydd. In 2013 she won the 'Norman Beaton Fellowship' with the BBC earning her a 5-month contract with BBC Radio 4. She also toured with 'Charlotte Church's Late-night Pop Dungeon' as a singer.  


By now, Carys has now found her own voice and creating her own work. 'Lovecraft (Not the sex shop in Cardiff)' was her first written piece. A one-woman comedy science music show about the neuroscience of love and loneliness - combining her passion for science, theatre and music which has picked up a few awards along the way including 'Best Cabaret' at Adelaide Fringe Festival. Carys has been very busy during lockdown composing comedy pop songs to raise money for PPE in Wales with hilarious accompanying videos. Check out her online channel with her entire back catalogue here:



Carys tells us about her event interests:

Q: What types of events do you usually attend?

A: Music festivals are my favourite. Dancing, camping, dressing up and throwing glitter everywhere.

Q: What is the best artist/group you have ever seen live?

A: The list is long, but at the top are Super Furry Animals and Beyonce. I’ve seen the SFAs more times thanI’ve seen some members of my family throughout my life!! Their shows are just out of this world. And as for Queen Bey – just watch Homecoming on Netflix – the woman is a world-class-athlete-performer …

Q: Who are your favourite stand-up comedians?

A: John Mulaney, an American – he has 2 Netflix specials. I’ve watched them on repeat. He’s just full of the joys of spring. Nothing nasty about him either. I used to be a fan of Dave Chappelle – but his trans-phobic jokes disturb my soul. There are so many amazing comedians out there now. It’s so sad that the industry is taking such a knock at the moment.

Q: Which sports do you enjoy seeing live? 

A: Tennis – I love tennis. For my 18thbirthday my sister and I were given tickets to see Serena and Venus Williams facing each other for the first time. They are both power houses and are leading the way for women in sport.

Q: What is your favourite venue?

A: The Glanusk Estate, Crickowell – the site of The Green Man Festival. It’s just such a magical, beautiful place.

Q: What type of theatre events do you usually attend? (e.g. drama, musicals, opera) / Which show is your all-time favourite production? 

A: The full range really!! I’m a culture vulture, but I get so pissed off when I pay good money and the production is shit. The best thing I saw last year was English National Opera’s production of The Magic Flute. Absolutely mind-blowing. The use of technology and projections was simple and clever and huge, all at the same time – it was produced by Simon Mcburney who is ahead of the game with regard to creating interesting events with modern technology. I paid £121 for one ticket – and it was worth every penny.

Q: Who would be your three dream headline acts to perform at a festival?

A: I am so lucky to have attended so many music festivals, as a punter and as a performer, that I have seen incredible line-ups in the past. One of the highlights of Latitude 2018 was ‘Mowgai’ – at one point, I felt as though I had turned into a witch who was conjuring ancient spirits whilst I was watching them – with my friends laughing their heads off at me behind me. I would like to see Marilyn Manson putting on a real good show at a festival – I saw him at the Newport Centre in 2017 and he was amazing – a hell of a showman – quite drag actually. I remember seeing him at The Leeds Festival in 2005 and he was quite disappointing – to see him on stage in Glastonbury would be a beautiful carnage. I would do anything to see a little slice of ‘Homecoming’ live. Beyonce’s set in Coachella was flawless – and her band was just incredible.

Q: Are there any events/artists that you would like to see that you haven't yet seen?

A: Lizzo. Since Glastonbury 2019 – I have listened to her non-stop and I know every word of her latest album. What a woman. She is magnificent.