Event Rater Q&A with Alana Spencer

Alana Spencer (Twitter: @Alana_Spencer_ / Instagram: @ridicrichbyalana) is the owner of Ridiculously Rich and winner of The Apprentice in 2016. 

Beginning as a self-taught chocolatier at the young age of 16 in a small country kitchen in Wales, the luxury handmade cake business now known as Ridiculously Rich by Alana was born. With Delicatessens and Food Festivals nationwide loving her delicious tray bakes, Alana went on The Apprentice in 2016, after proving herself to be business-minded, adaptable and astute, to beat 17 other candidates and became Lord Sugar’s business partner. Since then Alana has taken on over 50 Brand Ambassadors across the UK and spends her time helping and demonstrating to others how they too can grow their businesses.

Alana can be booked via Haka Entertainment (Twitter: @hakaentertain / enquiries@hakaentertainment.co.uk) as a Public Speaker, Baking/Chocolate related demonstrations, Business Advisor especially to teens and young adults.

Alana tells us about her event interests:

Q: What types of events do you usually attend?

A: Being in the food industry the events I attend most are actually Food Festivals! But other than this, I love music, so concerts are probably my second favourite. 


Q: What is the best artist/group you have ever seen live?

A: I love Jessie J, seeing her live was amazing, her voice is incredible, definitely my all-time favourite!


Q: Who are your favourite stand-up comedians?

A: Russell Howard gets me laughing every time! Rhod Gilbert is also just hilarious. 


Q: Which sports do you enjoy seeing live? 

A: I am not a huge sporting fan, but being from Wales you can’t help but enjoy watching Wales play rugby, the atmosphere is always amazing!


Q: What is your favourite venue?

A: Honestly I love the Art Centre in my home town of Aberystwyth, they hold everything there from gigs, cinema, theatre, art shows, it’s a great venue and a beautiful building too!


Q: What type of theatre events do you usually attend? (e.g. drama, musicals, opera) / Which show is your all-time favourite production? 

A: I have been to see a few musicals in theatres which is always a lot of fun. I saw Starlight Express in London when I was 10 years old and I still remember it to this day, it was such a great show! 


Q: Who would be your three dream headline acts to perform at a festival?

A: Well if it could be anyone at all, I would probably say, Jessie J, Whitney Huston and Adele, can you tell I like a powerful voice?!


Q: Are there any events/artists that you would like to see that you haven't yet seen?

A: I would love to go and see more Broadway shows, Wicked & the Lion King would be amazing!